Eclipse FNQ Charter Fishing

Personalised Charter

  • You tell us what you want to do



Eclipse is the perfect vessel for a range of live-aboard activities.  Whether it be a family get away with some fishing, diving, beach walking, oyster collecting, etc or a group of good mates that want to have a good time fishing. We are always up for an adventure and specialise in extended trips to remote locations.
Get in contact with us to get some ideas about a trip of a life time.
We can do anything – just add water!


  • Birdwatching – Cape York, Gulf Carpentaria, Raine Island, Far Northern GBR, Torres Straits, Gulf Papua – Papua New Guinea

  • Spearfishing – Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef

  • Kite boarding charters to remote sand cays and islands

  • Paddle boarding

  • Exploration

  • Photography charters – wildlife and underwater

  • Wildlife and Wetland tours

  • Filming and Production

  • Scientific Research field trips

  • Remote Accommodation