Eclipse FNQ Charter Fishing

Research and Commercial

Target species

  • Scuba Diving facilities
  • 4 custom heavy duty built tenders in 2C Survey
  • 1 Tonne hiab crane
  • Capable of extended charters up to 21 days
  • Max 9 Guests plus crew
  • Desalination onboard
  • Fully air conditioned accommodation
  • Shallow draft stable mothership with large deck space
  • Extensive knowledge of waters in Gulf of Carpentaria, Torres Strait and PNG

Any marine commercial contract will be considered

We specialise in offering long range extended trips to

remote destinations

Our crew are particularly experienced with waters between Western Province PNG, Torres Straits and Karumba as this is our normal area of operation for majority of the year.

Eclipse operates as a Regulated Australian Vessel in USL Class 2A Survey with Manning certificates in place to conduct charters to Papua New Guinea.  Get in contact with us to discuss your remote charter

We have conducted a broad range of research charters and monitoring expeditions between Karumba and Townsville – including Papua New Guinea.   We have extensive experience in working with government and non government agencies in the areas of research, environmental studies, scientific studies, Environmental Impact Studies for potential mining activities, marine studies across areas such as coral bleaching, sea grass, Marine Mammal monitoring, turtle egg counting and bird migration.

We have conducted successful research charters in destinations including – Gulf Carpentaria, Western Cape York Peninsula, The Great Barrier Reef (specialising in the Far Northern Regions), Cairns, Port Douglas, Princess Charlotte Bay,  Torres Strait Islands, Gulf Papua and Western Province – Papua New Guinea.
The Eclipse has proven extremely practical for previous charters of this kind. Depending on crewing requirements, the vessel can accommodate up to 9 guests plus crew for extended periods. The Eclipse stands out from the rest with its large amount of open deck space, a shallow draft of 1m and stability.
Eclipse has 4 custom built heavy duty aluminium tenders (3 x 5m and 1 x 6m) together with a 5.5m Swift Marine Rigid Inflatable. Each of the tenders are individually registered in their own 2C Commercial Survey. This allows them to venture within their own limitations and are not restricted to the mothership. This is a huge advantage for coastal surveys, transporting people and supplies and day trips.

Eclipse holds AMSA Survey as a Regulated Australia Vessel in current USL Class 2A Survey which extends its operating limits to include international voyages – in particular Papua New Guinea.

There is also a 1 tonne HIAB crane to assist with the large amount of equipment associated with commercial charters as well as sample collecting. With GBRMPA Permits in place for the east coast of QLD, Charter Fishing Licence and 2A Commercial Survey allowing us to travel anywhere in Australia and internationally, we can confidently offer you a trouble free charter.

The operators of Eclipse FNQ Charters are always interested in discussing any research or commercial charter and offer competitive rates. Contact us for a quotation.


  • Catlin Seaview Survey – Google Earth

  • Department of Agriculture & Water Resources

  • James Cook University

  • University of Queensland


  • Griffith University

  • TSRA – Torres Strait Regional Authority

  • Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

  • Rio Tinto Alcan

  • GHD Australia

  • Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority GBRMPA

  • Eye to Eye Marine Encounters (John Rumney)

  • Balkanu Cape York

  • Mapoon Land and Sea Management

  • Glencore Bauxite Resources Pty Ltd